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Sunday, September 30, 2012

1930 Ford Model A pick up FOR SALE

It's gotta go.
Contact me for more info. (rileyauto@comcast.net)
$10K as it sits now.Will wheel and deal.
1958 283,Vette staggered bolt valve covers.2.5" rams horns
Alum radiator,1933 truck grill,king bee lights
I-beam axlw,split bones front,buggy spring ladder bar rear.
Swept front frame.Not channeled body.Not chopped.
Original 1940 Ford 16" wheels,new Coker Firestone tires..
Pictures taken today 9-30-12
(no longer available-been long gone 2-23-13)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bill makes it to the Red Neck Rumble

Here's part of the story..

I did get a nice compliment while at the show though. A fella walked up to me while I was tinkering with the engine at the show and offered me $22,000.00 cash for the sedan. I told him he was a little short from what it would take to buy it and besides I did not think he had the cash on him any how. Well.... (open mouth insert foot) he advised me that he had just sold his 1968 Camaro SS and the lump in his pocket was not his manhood. LOL Oh well, he was not offended and he told me that the color of the car was awesome. I heard that over and over at the show, I personally can not stand it but everybody kept saying that it was old school colors. It is still going to get a new color change as soon as I can make it happen though, believe you me !

Bill recieved his double Z'd frame ,front axle assembly,and rear suspension parts at the first of March
of this year. So you can tell he's been working hard.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

El Roberto aka Stinkbug or Bobber

Found these pictures from a couple years ago.
Alex's old truck on the Stinkbug3 frame. Here after Mark worked it over
1938 GMC low cab.No chop,factory floor in place.
It's gone now,into the mist of unknown owners/garages..good looking little truck.
old picture,it aint snowing in Denver yet

Notice the cut down F1 Ford bed?

keep your eye on the truck,don't be nosey

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Todd re-tires ,gente antigua casa

Nah,he's gotta keep working to pay for his tire fetish.
It's got the look he wants. It's all about having fun right?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Frame ahoy Mark in Ohio 1947 pick up

Got it shipped today
Let us know when it arrives
Better then a chocolate bunny eh?
The frames keep getting heavier it seems
the big box has the Posies springs in it
ok I crushed it a little with the banding
loaded up in my trusty F-250
before I banded it down
ready for its trip across the great plains
every time I'm under this here roof
I think to myself "indoor go-kart track"

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My new roadster !

Well the front half of a 1925 Dodge
Gonna shove it in the corner for now
But just might do a how to build a rat rod series using it as a example

Friday, September 21, 2012

Coupe re-do hits the streets HELL YEAH !

I ain't seen it yet in person (running and driving that is )
But on my police scanner I picked
up reports of a "spooky model A"
prowling around
Hmm think I could hitch a ride to the Jalopy Urinal meet ? Is that Sat...tomorrow?

One of a kind

Last week was the "Colorado Grand" a 1000 mile rally event for early sports car and racers.
I was involved in a small way.We supplied all new brakes for the Tommy Lee Special.
The drummer for Motley Crue...no.
It is a one of a kind car built for the playboy in 1936 with Ford,Cord,Cadillac parts
And powered by a Offie engine.
I've known about and admired this car for the last 30? years.
Got to meet the new owner Fred from Canada ,great guy,very friendly and personable.
I even sat in the car.I would never do that.But this time...glad I did. (didn't fit very well)

I overheard someone say,"my friend has two of these"
louvers a after thought? The hammer welding on the
bottom side was super,didn't show up well in pic.
the rear fenders are breath taking
or maybe it was the altitude? 8000FT
DuValls very first windshield
let's go fishing
long hood swoopy fenders to the extreme
coming atcha !
Steve and I had fun figuring out how the grill was made
I always thought it was a cast piece,it's not
Can you spell Offenhauser ?
Cadillac banjo wheel

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I just got word that Bob Frank from JW Rod Garage passed away last Sat.

One big reason I like what I do so much is the guys that I deal with.
I have vendors that I talk with weekly,some daily.
And Bob was one of my favorites,we always joked around on the phone.
Our careers had similar paths,and we shared many stories of crazy customers
or shipments gone bad. Stuff like that.
I'd reconize his voice on the phone.Sorry to think I wont get to hear him again.
I had never met him in person,don't even think I ever saw a photo.But none the less
he was a friend and I will miss him. R.I.P.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

re- todd Model A sedan

Fitting brake pedal,shifter,and throttle pedal
Yeah and the kick down too
Nice CLEAN detail work says a lot

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rob's Texas hot and spicy coupe

Just got word from Rob that his coupe
is almost done (cept for bad trans)

Monday, September 17, 2012

FRAMES AHOY Model T , double Z'd , off to ND

Got Terry's frame shipped off today
Might just have it by Tuesday
it's the double z'd one in the forground
all the good pix are in the camera

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I get a kick from all the cool little details
Didn't take a good overall shot
trunk lid handle, or is the boot handle?
license light detail
need some fresh air? add a little scoop/trap door

anyone parting a Maserati? I could use some seats
in a Model A Ford roadster project..
yeah,so ..what have you done lately?