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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chassis Engineering, bolt in IFS

ol' Rob from Renton WA.
(cruising the loop !)
Has his bolt in CE kit almost done.

Just a reminder, I do sell other parts besides Model A frames !

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coupe for me

( as Paul calls it "my coupe")
i.e.; hey eriC how's my coupe ?

Just been sanding on it..
Making the plan in my head..

With Kevin's help , figured this has a 5" chop.
Thanks again for taking measurements ( see below- he did 6" )

test fit on the 1936 dash , I think it's a go

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Frames Ahoy second one for today !!

Shipping frame and parts up to Sweetgrass MT for a Canadian customer.
It has a delivery deadline.. and should make it. Weather permitting , went with MME
you know I'm having fun if the blue tarp is out.

got it unloaded all nice and dry.

here's the coupe that is getting a new chassis.
did up a special mild sweep 2 and 6 for it. It will be cool.

Frames Ahoy

The snow last week slowed me down on shipping.
(sorry I won't work outside in the stuff)
Here's big Jim's truck frame headed to CA

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nice words

Got a nice note the other day.
I will try to get more pictures, the car is now in North Carolina, and I am in Pa.  He is still in the Military and has the car with him.  He is currently deployed, and I will get more pictures when he gets back.  The frame was great and it was very  easy to set up the suspension, both front and rear, 4" dropped axel on the front and the triangulated rear set up with an 8" Ford rear fit perfectly.  The transmission cross member fit the Chevy 350 trans with no modifications, the 283 Chevy bored to 292 cubes bolted right in as did the Walker Radiator.  We chopped the 32 Ford grill 6"  and it all bolted in place.  It was a fun build for me and drives great.  I can't say to much about the frame, I have built a lot of Hot rods, and the Riley Frame ranked with the best, in fact right at the top of the best.  Ernie

Ernie, is Tyler's dad. See the Tudor below.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Model A coupes

Model Eh?
I haven't built a model in ages, these are pretty cool looking

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blizzard , no not a milkshake

Getting buried here in Denver
shoveled my walk, drifted at least 12" deep (so far)
Joe's truck in Ft Longmont today..

Kevin's Canada coupe UPDATE

Kevin up in the great white north is hard at work.
Check out his coupe !
Nice work buddy !

Monday, March 21, 2016

frames Ahoy - Monday

Got 'er done Friday but ran out of daylight.
So shipping out today.
Double Z'd for Nick with his Olds motor, stretched.
Headed to Denver PA !

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Frames Ahoy -Sunday

Dropped off Trevor's new frame.
Down in Colorado Springs.
Swept front for his 1930 coupe. SBC auto

Went to a cool race car museum, and lunch in CS .

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rear spring to body clearence Clarence

The rear spring on our Model A chassis is a special unit.
Built for us by Posies in PA
There is not a old Ford spring that will fit.
It is a medium arch and narrow.
The spring hangers are set at 44" apart on the rear axle.
Axle centerline to spring centerline 7.5"

The fun part is fitting the body. If you are channeled or not , on my frames you will need to create room in the wheel well.
( part and parcel of lower chassis height)

Some guys (most) just increase the size of the notch.

As you can see here, the "shocker" has a simple cut out for the axle and rear spring hangers. This is a channeled coupe.

If we are not channeling the cut out doesn't need to be as tall.

harder to see in this picture. Tony's "tres chic" 1929 Tudor
is not channeled and the cut out is not so big.
for the guys who want just the axle cut out, you need to work a little harder. (smarter ?)
The wheel wells are on my 1930 coupe are 43 5/8" outside to outside. Like I said the hangers are at 44"
The spring does not protrude past body.
So to keep just a axle cut out, you need flare out the wheel well
just a bit to clear. A inch a side should be good. Done right
it would not be noticed.
(will post up pictures of this later)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pat's coupe update # 1

Pat has his 1929 coupe chopped already. A good 4" slice looks right.
Sitting on the frame he got the other day.
See the frames ahoy below with no picture.

I can see in the picture that the body needs to go back a few inches
That rear cross brace hits the Z, we move it forward in our floor kits

see how the hat channel is forward of the Z ?
(pre-production unit pictured)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pee Wee !

Couple more days, and his new movie is on Netflix !

So Cal , so long

My little brother, and cousins Dave and Joe and myself
in the back of my Uncle's truck in southern California late 1970's

I have nothing but found memories of him. So long, Uncle Carlos !  My sympathies to my cousins and aunt .

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Floor kits ahoy

3 kits headed out today

Tyler's 29

1929 on double z'd frame
Nov.2011 shipped the frame out to PA
Not sure how long it has been done.
But it sure looks like a fun car

Send me more pictures this spring/summer would love to post more ! .

Monday, March 14, 2016

Frames Ahoy !

Pat from Pueblo came up and got his 1929 coupes new frame.
Sweet swept front frame. Chop no channel.
And I forgot to take a picture.  Email me one buddy !

Mellivora capensis update # 2

Frame is a roller now
Nice little honey badger

Sunday, March 13, 2016

fast talking doctor? scrubs line

 Scrub Line - A vehicle specified under this subchapter shall meet the minimum scrub line requirements. See Chart 5 (relating to scrub line). (1) A scrub line is an imaginary surface created if lines were drawn from the bottom of the wheel rim on one side to the bottom of the tire on the other side. When lines are drawn from both sides, an “X” under the vehicle suspension is created. A suspension or chassis component may not be below the top portion of this imaginary “X.”

inspect the scrub line and REJECT IF any of the following chassis and suspension components are below the scrub line: (i) The Frame (ii) The Axle (iii) The Axle Housing (iv) The Lower Control Bar (v) The Shock Mounts (vi) The Crossmembers (vii) The Torsion bar (viii)The Radius Rods (ix) The Spindle Arms (x) The Steering Components (xi) The Brake Components (xii) The Spring Perch Bolts

CHART 5 Scrub Line (STREET RODS, SPECIALLY CONSTRUCTED AND RECONSTRUCTED VEHICLES) A scrub line is an imaginary surface created if lines were drawn from bottom of wheel rim on one side to bottom of tire on other side. When lines are drawn from both sides an “X” under the vehicle suspension is created. No suspension or chassis component shall be below top portion of this imaginary"X “

where did I get this info? 
Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations
PUB 45 (2-14)
Copyright © 2014 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

this doesn't look good. what's wrong with you ?