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Friday, April 29, 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

First picture, bare frame in garage " pulp friction"

Over in Sun Valley area, a 1936 Ford truck will be built.
Sent over our starter package. It arrived safe and sound.
( dock pick up wasn't the smoothest)

Hi Eric,

Hope all is well. I got the frame and it looks great. Finally had some time to pick it up on Friday...work has been kind of crazy.
It looks great. I am really happy with the decision of going with your company. You have been great.

I will probably start setting the front and rear next weekend. I will be needing the shocks and lower shock mounts from you next.

Here is a few pictures....frame made it home

I hate dragging a trailer, really hate renting a trailer. A long bed truck is a must in my world.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Frames Ahoy ! Tuesday #1

Caleb drove over from Nebraska. Will be building a flathead 1929 coupe.
fresh double z'd frame !

Trevor's coupe- update

Trevor has been working hard. The coupe is looking real good.
See the frames ahoy from March 20th when we dropped the frame off.
Keep up the good work, it's really coming along buddy !
The wire wheels look perfect, and nice choice of tires too.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Scott's coupe in England, coupe is finished !

Hope not a final update. Like to see more pictures of the coupe out and about.
Shipped the frame and parts to CA and it was forwarded overseas.

Nice solid hot rod Model A , thanks for the pictures ! Let me know what the locals say

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ol' Skool Rodz - got one on the cover

Issue #76, July 2016
The little gold coupe, you've seen it on my blog before.
Very nice feature spread on it." Bacher's Golden coupe"
Riley Automotive double z'd frame under it.
 But alas I did not get a mention. Happens all the time.
I saw Justin's drag coupe in there too.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tonawanda Tudor update

Floors all done , firewall and trans cover all tied together.
Nice job ! Thanks for the update
nice and clean fab work here

cool drone picture of the floor all fabbed up

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pat's coupe update #2

He's fucking killing it. ( see update #1)

Yeah ! man you've been working hard. I think it looks great. Hope you're happy with it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

frames ahoy ! Don it's done !

Don's building a "bobber" truck with his 1938 Ford and our El roberto package.
Got 'er out today ! ( 8:00 at night)

RS 1930 Ford - update

chopper time !

and oh yes, time to channel the RS 1930 Ford !

in case you forgot, a custom chassis is waiting..

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

The GT , update

Joe's been driving it around town already !
Adjust tire pressure, wash the windshield and it's done.
Looks real good !

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ebay guy, got your note !

Asking about a old listing ( CC Victor)  contact me directly.
I will answer your questions right here .

I am interested in your C.C. Victor Frame.
I just purchased my first 1928 Ford Model A with plans to make a Rat Rod out of it, but there is still so much I have to learn. I figured the best way to avoid costly mistakes is look for someone such as yourself that can not only help me with the frame but proper set up. So I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions.
I am looking for the frame to be z'd about 8” rear / 4” front end, as well as the frame stretched a little so I don't have to cut into the firewall. So I am not sure if your CC Victor frame is better suited for this project or your Swept Front Style?
I am using a Hemi 392 as the engine, and I want the ford 9" for the rear end, haven’t picked the trans yet.
I really am interested in the set up you have described.
1) C.C. Victor frame, with SBC engine mounts, shock mounts, Vega box mount, ladder bar tabs, rear spring plate, panhard mount,
adjustable trans mount, hairpin tabs, flat front crossmember, etc. all 100% TIG welded. USA made- Colorado !
2) 5" dropped I-beam axle USA made
3) Durant super low mono spring USA made
4) steering arms USA made
5) Panhard bar assy- USA made
6) hairpin kit- USA made
7) forged spindles
shackles, shocks, u bolts, perches, tie rod
I am not sure if you sell it with brakes, but I am interested in disc all the way around with an e-brake if you do.
As for steering, we would be looking to use the Vega steering box.

Since this is for a rat rod, we would want the parts unpainted or without chrome.
Can you give me a price on this sort of set up? Also which frame are you suggesting?

I am looking to purchase the frame and assembly sometime in the next 2-4 weeks. To be completely honest, I am chatting with two other manufacturers, and what matters most to me is quality and knowing that the person putting it together cares about the project and not just the sale, so you don’t have to worry that I am just shopping for the lowest price.
Thanks for your assistance,

So here goes.. The CC Victor was a custom (real low) chassis listing I had on eBay.
I've removed it from my auctions.
What will suit you best is our 4 and 8 swept front frame. ( as all cars pictured below)
It will still be a custom built piece. My production version has 106" wheelbase.
Which fits a SBC in front of the stock firewall.
The hemi needs another 4 " to fit. So we'll do 110" wheelbase.

The front end will be a 4" drop axle and reversed eye spring (USA made)
And Vega cross steer. It is very easy to set up and drives great .

In the rear we use new 9" Ford rear axles.
Long ladder bars and transverse spring.
(drum in rear - disc front - manual, works the best)
Sturdy simple and it works.

A fully tabbed out frame is around $1,880.00 .. depending.
A full roller with everything (no chrome) comes in around $7,350.00
It's a good deal, you will need to buy it all to finish the chassis anyway
All at once, in a weekend you can have it together and start on the body.

But you can buy the frame first, and call me as you need the front end or rear..
Most guys do it in stages. I keep a file on your project and know what you need
When you call.
Hoping you call and we can talk it over. 1-800-530-7636 (9-5 mt time M-F)

Facebook page for a sedan build on our chassis; Dave in New York -

Here is some Model A's with Hemi motors and the chassis we built for 'em.

Myself, I like a bit more sedate style. Jason in his SBC sedan is a good one
And then we Matt with his Rat Rod 440 Mopar sedan !

I like em not channeled, and more of a classis stance.
Here is my old Tudor Robert finished.

I knocked this out Sat. night in the snow storm.. too cold in garage..
Hope this makes sense.. call me, or email direct RILEYAUTO@COMCAST.NET