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Saturday, November 30, 2013

1935 Chevy truck chassis

Will ship out Monday
Another one in my driveway 
Jimmy will send tracking when it leaves here . Will have all the other parts too

Ply-Do truck update

Don't you like a nice long weekend..
Check out how far he's got already.
Come on, set the cab on there !

The double D coupe update

I included earlier pic's for those who missed it the first time.
I'd say it's looking tits !
Sept of this year received the double z'd frame

dropping in power plant
got the rear all set up
earlier shot of the body on
brand new pic's !
wow looks like one of those California hot rods !
very good choice on tires and wheels
this should land in a magazine or two !

Friday, November 29, 2013

Steve in IA, been done and driving

Another Model A coupe is out on the road on a Riley Automotive frame.
Steve ordered his swept front frame back in Sept 2009
I just now got a picture of the finished car,
Channeled, SBC ..hey it's a hot rod and they're out having fun.
Paint and upgrade as you go..
(we always called those front wheels "Kenny wheels" maybe 3 guys who get that joke)
 Thanks for the note !.

It's has been some time since our last contact but driving this is so much fun I didn't get around to showing you the results. Perhaps I will throw some paint on the A this coming spring but for now it's just fine. I took tons of photos during the build just so I could remember all the fun and not so much fun. Thank you for the frame it sure met my needs and by the hundreds you have sold you made many a happy hotrodder. Steve *****---Nashua Iowa

Miller time

Thought I had posted this yesterday hit delete by mistake
So here's a quick redo.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Thanks Huck for the photowork

Watch out for Model A gassers ! It's your turn to build the baddest car in town.
Let's make hot rods fast again !
A completely new chassis design from the team at Riley Automotive

This one here is the "Dakota Chief" will have a Pontiac V8 that's on the warpath, 4 speed Muncie
and it has a Winters quick change rear axle.  Can't wait to show y'all how good it looks with engine and grill in place.  Yes we will be putting the chassis package up on eBay. You can always call me to you know 1-800-530-7636   click on the pictures, they should get real big..

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bakersfield bound, Ply-Do truck update

Just last Thursday shipped off a custom sized Bobber truck frame.
Shipped it down to Bakersfield CA, today got some pixs..
yes Virginia, there is doors

sneak a peek into shop-nice
rather plain,not much body lines
fancy frame pallet gets a ride to new home
it is officially home now,safe and sound

going together already !
will have more updates before the long weekend is over.

Good things in waiting

6 cylinder powered pick up. Riley Automotive Double Z'd extended frame.
I do like those suicide door pick up cabs..

anyone remember Marksters truck?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Frames Ahoy Tony in MI.

Right at the thumb and the index finger...did I get that right Matt?
Up Saginaw way, Tony will be building his chopped 1929 sedan.
Going for a clean finished hot rod. nice paint, mag wheels..
Keep us in the loop buddy !

Vicky ! Victoria?

Dennis is into these old Fords. Currently working on a fenderless 32-34 pick up.
Here is his ol' Vicky from a couple years ago.
Still has it ..
Good looking car.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

miller time

cool pictures, I just love the details..
V-16 Miller race car

J.T. 1937 pick up build -first page

Holidays coming up..so picked up Joe's cab ahead of schedule.
Up in Ft. Longmont , home of the best restaurant ever-Oskar Blues Home Made liquids and solids
So I didn't mind driving up there.Get the brisket !
Doing up a custom frame for his 1937 Ford pick up
Like the mock up with no frame at all..
shortened bed, I like the stock spare holder

didn't take much time "setting up my shot"
Inside safe and sound

Sat. slipped by..

but did get some work done on Mark's roadster.
(didn't blog on Sat.me bad)
He hopes to have it at the Thanksgiving show..
Steers and stops- don't start quite yet..
Torrance City Halibrand

nicely turned drums

love the simplicity of a early Ford hot rod