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Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to; fit body on double Z'd frame "the front"

A crummy little photo essay.How to fit your 30-31 Model A body at the cowl
On one of our world famous double Z'd frames.
thin cut off wheel on a 5" grinder is my weapon of choice
wear a face shield,and gloves if your on the girly side
my invisible friend helping with the tape
lets call it 29 inches outside to outside of rail at the top of the Z
30-31 firewall,up 4 1/4" and 29" to the side
you can use the rivets as a reference on your cowl
thats the stock body mount hole
hey cut it out !
fits nice
the Z is behind the stock toe board brace
thats how it fits....


  1. How about a post on your swept frames with a 28-29 coupe.

  2. Thanks for the pictures,made easy to do.


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