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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Frame shipping day

Got some frames shipped out today.(Monday)
Tony B. down in Cali has his in route. (Thursday they promised)
After rainstorms,delayed UPS,it is on the way ! (and the shipping was lower then quoted)
Thanks for being such a cool guy ! Cant wait to see that 28 roadster going together.
Have fun at the LARS

And ol' Billy in NJ here's your special Model T Ford frame.
Another super guy.I have the best customers.

My back was sore from the cheap Motel over the weekend.
But with my handy skateboard and hand truck.Got it done.
(not to mention the banding machine was busted at Vitran,so I donated some old
ratchet straps to the pallet'n project) And thanks Chris at CC pallet for the last minute rush.
a fantastic mess
Going to New Jersey,redesigned for T body
starting the bolting down process
nice and sturdy,headed to California

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