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Monday, August 17, 2015

AJ's Model T frame replacement project 1st update

You saw a little of their project when I posted the frames ahoy on it.
Well they have the frame now and already working on it.
in their truck on shipping pallet

new frame next to old chassis

New one is based on Model A sizing, not skinny T spec's

In shop next to the body

Thanks Eric, the new frame arrived Friday. That is one good looking frame, very nice. Attached are pictures. I have included Andre's email with this email also.

Our question; Do you have some sort of list on the parts and prices we would need to make it a rolling chassis? So that we know what we need and about what the cost will be.

Thanks A.J. & Andre
Yes, I can email quotes for the parts you will need.
Normally break it down into sections,
Front end, rear suspension, etc.
Thanks for the pictures and the note

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