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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mike's sedan update

The "A Bomb" is on the road. It will get painted.. later.
Straight 6 cylinder - Turbo charged and inter cooled .
(I don't know import motors.. ?)

Pretty cool, happy to be the chassis builder for it.
Ninja ? hiding up front.. I see you

on the dyno, made 12,750 horsepower. 

Note from the owner;
I turned the boost down on Dyno and tuned it happy at 385hp and 300ft lbs tq.In this car just in sub division im not sure it really needs any more than what it has ,the car was swaying back and forth with the nostalgia slicks on it.I think they are 33 tall.lmao its really fun to drive i hate knowing it has to come back apart.1st of the year Haltech will be releasing a video blog on the car which will be pretty cool. 

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